A Novel Approach to Economic and Tax Justice

This book is thorough in examining the relationship between the funding of government and its programs from a psychological perspective, a religious (moral) perspective, an historical perspective, a political perspective, a technological perspective, and an economic perspective. It’s proposals make sense and are worthy of serious consideration by every citizen of this country. It convincingly argues that the only way to get money out of politics and to minimize the risk of future violent episodes like the attack on Congress on January 6, is to radically transform the ways that government is financed.

Victoria Roth

Fairness should prevail

A Taxing Problem written by Dr Mitchell Roth addresses the unfairness of our current income tax system which has always been a ‘hot button” for me.
In this well written, interesting and informative book, Dr Mitch introduces his concept of a Fair Tax System in which all income taxes would be eliminated and replaced with a simple 2% tax on net worth. If effectively implemented, such a system in my view , would not only create an even palying field where everyone would pay their FAIR share, but would also result in numerous social and economic benefits to society. The “2% Solution Revolution” might just be the prescription needed for a more FAIR society.

Chuck Lavinsky